Unleashing secrets from seasoned mums and child development experts 

We are child development obsessed, mums, business besties and are here to spill our secrets. We have a combined 30 years experience working with children. Each episode we will bring you up-to-date research and evidence based strategies to set your children and yourself up to thrive.





EP1 - Behind the Mic: Unveiling Lizzy’s Journey

Lizzy gracefully guides us through her remarkable journey. Starting from her school days, Lizzy shares how her involvement in sports not only shaped her business values but also cultivated the confidence that she carries into her career today.

EP2 - Behind the Pod: Emily’s Untold Story

Emily shares about her early years in life, growing up in Western Sydney, starting her career and building her businesses. She shares her top thing that has lead to her success, as well the role her faith has played.


EP3 - Em & Lizzy:  From Biz Besties to Joint Ventures, Here is Our Story

In this episode, we'll take you through our journey of how we met at a business conference and quickly formed a bond, fuelled by our shared experiences of business and being mothers in the professional world.

EP4 - 6 Steps To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Today, we delved into imposter syndrome, exploring its impact on early career professionals working with children and collaborating with others in education and healthcare.

EP5 - Employee vs. Independent: Which Role Suits You Best?

In this episode, we delved into a critical decision many health professionals face: whether to pursue a career as an employee or venture into independent work. W explore our own experiences, our own journeys from being employees to contractors, and ultimately, to running our own businesses.                                                        

EP6 - Setting Yourself Up for Clinical Success: Navigating Complex Behaviours

In this episode we unpack behaviour and dealing with complex behaviours that we see in clinical settings. 

We talk about how to take the first step to establish the reason for behaviour and what might be causing the behaviour.


EP7 - Growing With Grace: Essential Skills for Child Development Professionals

In today's episode we talk about the skills that we see as essential being paediatric clinicians. 

It is without a doubt that it takes a special kind of health professional to work with kids.


EP8 - Crafting Your Path: Creating a Professional and Personal Development Plan

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EP9 - Finding Your Niche: Exploring Generalist and Specialist Paths in Allied Health

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EP10 - Burnout and Boundaries: It's a slippery slope

In this episode, we tackle the critical issue of burnout, drawing insights from Lizzy's personal experience with burnout, suffering a stroke at 33 and what she shares in her burnout presentations on the subject.


EP11 - Bonus Episode from inside the PLA Library

This is a bonus episode between Lizzy and Emily from the PLA Library. We are in between Season One and Season Two and wanted to continue to provide you with goodness and learnings. 

EP12 - Key Steps in Addressing Language Needs in Children

In this episode, Liz hosts Em as an industry expert for Liz’s for an insightful interview specifically designed for her  The Paediatric Practitioner - Knowledge Corner course members. 

They dive into essential topics related to working with children who have language differences.