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✨ Some of my favourite resources to help kickstart your preschool language journey. Enjoy! ✨

For Speechies and SLP-to-be's

📚 FREE The Speechie Iceberg

Use this iceberg to visually show your parents the journey their child is on and how you are going to get them there.



📚 FREE The Speech  Pathology Abbreviations

Use these Abbreviations which are most commonly used between all Allied Health Professionals in different settings. This will help guide you on your first day of placement or as a paid Speech therapist!

📚 FREE Checklist: Generalisation Parent Checklist

This checklist is ready to print off and give straight to your parents in therapy and educate them about the stage of therapy by using this checklist.

📚 FREE: The Toy Toolbox for Language Therapy 
Your Therapy Goal Kit on a Budget

Get the must-have toys to set you up to target all language goals in therapy for children aged 2-6 years; without breaking the bank.

📚 FREE Generalisation Tips and Tricks

Grab these 8 tips and tricks to help you have the confidence in Generalisation in the Preschool Language!


For Educators

📚 FREE Tips on How to Boost Language Development in Risky Play 

Here are 3 Simple Ways you can boost your child’s language development while they are taking risks.

📚 FREE Referral Rules for Speech Pathology

All of your questions about referring to speech pathology answered in one place! Ideal for educators, parents and service providers.  

📚 FREE Tips to Help Your Child Learning Two Languages

Here are the most crucial elements for children learning multiple languages. This will form a strong foundation for them to then learn other languages.