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I am passionate about seeing every child succeed and reach their potential; and helping those who help them on a daily basis.
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For the Speechie

Kick-start your preschool language therapy journey with this 8-week course, focusing on the foundational and fundamental principles of preschool language therapy with Emily as your personal guide and mentor.

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For ECTs and Educators

In 8 weeks you will know how to implement specific speech therapy principles and techniques in daily activities and teaching times, to improve receptive and expressive language skills in children aged 2-6 years.  

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For All

For the Speechie, ECT, Educator or Professional. This is the ultimate membership covering EVERY preschool language goal from 2-6 years of age. See your children grow and flourish as you implement these methods!



Successful Speechie Spatial Challenge

Instant access to the recorded masterclass to kickstart your Speechie career and feel confident giving therapy to preschool children.  

Purchase the Successful Speechie Spatial Challenge Recording for just $9

Speechie Secrets for Paed Therapy

Instant access to the recorded masterclass for graduating soon, an AHA or studying and want to learn my secret sauce to start your career with your best foot forward! 

Purchase the Speechie Secrets for Paed Therapy Recording for just $9

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Generalisation Parent Checklist
📚 FREE Checklist: Generalisation Parent Checklist

This checklist is ready to print off and give straight to your parents in therapy and educate them about the stage of therapy by using this checklist.

Free Speech Pathology Abbreviations

📚 The Speechie Iceberg

Use this iceberg to visually show your parents the journey their child is on and how you are going to get them there.

Generalisation Parent Checklist
📚 FREE Referral Rules for Speech Pathology

All of your questions about referring to speech pathology answered in one place! Ideal for educators, parents and service providers. 


Preschool Language Toy Essential Checklist
📚 FREE: The Toy Toolbox for Language Therapy 
Your Therapy Goal Kit on a Budget

Get the must-have toys to set you up to target all language goals in therapy for children aged 2-6 years; without breaking the bank.

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📚 FREE Tips on How to Boost Language Development in Risky Play 

Here are 3 Simple Ways you can boost your child’s language development while they are taking risks.

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📚 The Speech  Pathology Abbreviations

Use these Abbreviations which are most commonly used between all Allied Health Professionals in different settings. This will help guide you on your first day of placement or as a paid Speech therapist!


Speech Pathologist of the Year 2020-2021 Winner
ABC Sydney
Western Sydney Women
2020-2021 Finalist Allied Health Team Culture Excellence



Speech Pathologist

"I’ve grown in my confidence as a Speechie Student and my understanding of how to specifically teach different concepts in a systematic way. I am growing in the skills and understanding to be clinically competent when I graduate. Thank you for creating Preschool Language Accelerator!"


Educator, Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

 "I feel like Emily did an absolutely outstanding job explaining everything. It was amazing to help us answer questions and she dove deeper to help us with our future planning."


Speech Pathologist

"What I love most about this course is that even though the content is leaning towards Preschool language, all skills are applicable to anywhere in Pediatric. I look forward to continuing my journey in the Successful Speechie Community and with Emily Mackie."


  • Emily was privileged to win the Australian Speech Pathologist of the Year 2021-2022- under the Australian Allied Health Awards.
  • Since graduating from the University of Sydney 15 years ago, Emily's mission has been to equip the next generation of Australian children. 
  • She has helped thousands of children in private practices, community health centres, hospitals, pre-schools and schools. 
  • In January 2021, Emily decided no more children should be left behind without intervention options readily available and stepped into online mentoring, training and services. Emily founded The Successful Speechie Academy; to serve speech pathologists, educators, care services and allied health professionals. 
  • The Successful Speechie Academy is Australia's first professional development academy for upskilling in preschool language therapy to help children diagnosed with language delays and disorders aged 2-6 years.

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Speech Pathologist

"Being mentored by Emily has given me so much confidence as a clinician. Emily have taught me to have structure, direction during therapy, and specific step ups and step downs while keeping the big picture in mind. Emily has provided endless learning opportunities in a variety of settings to further develop my clinical skills and, she continuously supports my goals as a clinician."


New Graduate, Speech Pathologist

"I am loving the step-by-step nature of the Preschool Language Accelerator. Each week we were able to explore a new concept and take the time to break things down into the steps we need to use in therapy. There is also a major focus on how to step up and step down within therapy - something that is often emphasised in Uni but rarely explains. "


Educator, Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care 

"Very satisfied with Language Unlocked. Emily was very informative, helpful and knows her stuff. I would highly recommend Emily for learning about speech and language."



The best thing for me about the Preschool Language Accelerator Library is to learn the How - how to do the therapy. 


"I was able to see what therapy looks like and how to do it, how to consider a child's learning style, how to modify therapy with their needs, how to ask parents about updates and progress at home.


The best takeaway for me is that I was provided with so many resources from my mentor Emily - worksheets for every concept that we learned in the preschool language hierarchy. We also received a lot of parent handouts, it was so helpful because it will guide our clinical knowledge with how to explain and tell parents what to do at home once therapy is over. "


Watch the full video to know more about the Preschool Language Accelerator Library


I am passionate about giving back.

When I finished university, I travelled to many third world countries and first hand experienced poverty and lack. I firmly believe that education has power to exchange poverty for opportunity.

When you choose The Successful Speechie Academy

For every 'Language Unlockedcourse registration, we help send a child to school in Uganda for three days including three meals a day, clean water and resources.

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Becoming a Confident and Successful Speechie doesn't have to take years and years of experience. You’re not in this alone.


Grab these 7 tips to help you become a confident and successful Speech Therapist today!
  • How to thrive in your first year as a Speech Therapist
  • Know what to expect and what is expected of you on day one
  • More Speechie tips and tricks