Speech Pathologist and Mentor

Emily Mackie

Speech Pathologist and Mentor

Emily Mackie is the founder and owner of Speak About Speech Pathology clinics in Sydney and the Central Coast.

She is a qualified speech therapist, studying at The University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Therapy).

Emily has also founded The Successful Speechie Academy; a teaching and mentoring academy to equip SLP's-to-be and graduated speech pathologists in preschool language therapy.

Emily was privileged to win Australian Speech Pathologist of the Year 2020-2021 - under the Australian Allied Health Awards and been a Finalist for the Western Sydney Entrepreneur of the Year 2021.

Her clinics have also been Finalists for Team Culture Excellence and Australian Small Business Champions Awards.

Emily has a passion for speech pathology and empowering her speech therapists to be the best they can be. Her core belief is to help children with their communication, but in doing so give them connection and confidence. She believes in helping children from the inside out, to bring about lasting change in their lives.

Emily has over 15 years of experience. She has helped children in private practices, 
community health centres, hospitals, pre-schools and schools. She has also mentored and trained numerous employees and hundreds of students in Australia and abroad.

Emily currently lives with her husband Michael and her daughters, Evie and Isabelle. They 
love to travel and have been to many countries and continents, including USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Emily has been featured on the ABC in Sydney, Western Sydney Women, The Western Weekender and many podcasts.

If you would like to know more about Emily, you can find her on:

Instagram: emilymackie.speechie
Facebook: emilymackie.speechie
LinkedIn: emily-mackie-speechie

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