Never get stuck, feel lost or unsure of yourself when you are working with a child again.

Introducing the
Preschool Language Accelerator Library

The Preschool Language Accelerator Library is your secret weapon to knowing the exact HOW and WHY of language development to unlock your child’s language and confidence.

I am all about making things simple and I have made preschool language therapy and interactions just that- simple. I want to turn your everyday routines, into quality interactions with your children, without adding to your busy schedule.

Join my Preschool Language Accelerator Library to have all the knowledge, methods and resources at your fingertips to transform your planning and teaching. Transform how you communicate and teach, to transform your child’s life

Stop second guessing yourself when making a judgement about a child
Stop feeling unsure about how to teach
Stop feeling worried about talking to parents

How Does it Work?

As soon as you subscribe you will receive access to my entire preschool language, speech therapy library (there is over 40 videos). These methods I have personally used to improve thousands of children’s language skills over my career. I also use these methods to train my Speechie’s inhouse everyday. You will also have instant access to the complete inventory of resources, worksheets and handouts to print and use with your child in your activities.  

You will also have access to join my online community of educators, speech therapists and allied health professionals who are having meaningful conversations about how we can help our children and each other best.   

You will also have the opportunity to participate in professional development hearing from industry experts on everything from behaviour, feeding, communication, gross and fine motor development, exercise for children and more.  


The Preschool Language Accelerator Library is all about empowering you to empower your children.

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What’s Included

Training Videos
 that take you from the start to completion of each concept
Workbook and resources to guide your learning

A supportive online community 

Monthly themes and accountability focus
Monthly Q and A Sessions 

Expert Masterclasses
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Just a few alarming statistics...

  • The Australian Early Development Census has consistently shown that approximately 1 in 7 children arrives at school with developmental vulnerabilities regarding their language and cognitive skills.
  • About a quarter of Australian parents of 4-5-year-old children report concerns about their child’s expressive or receptive language.
  • 20% of four-year-old Australian children have difficulty understanding or using language
  • 46% of young Australian offenders have a language impairment.
  • Children with a language impairment are six times more likely to have a reading problem than children without.
  • There is a high correlation between communication difficulties and poor mental health

Preschool Language is so important because… it affects all areas.

  • How will a child participate in sport or school if they don’t understand the instructions being given to them?  

  •  Simple things like ‘stand at the front of the line’ to the more complex; when learning to write ‘put the letter A at the top of the line’.  

  •  How will they create meaningful relationships when they don’t understand what their friend is asking and they struggle to express their thoughts.  

  •  Preschool Language development is critical in children to develop their confidence, self-esteem, sense of belonging and ultimately create their future.  

  • Simple scripts for parent explanations and discussion to introduce each preschool language concept
  • Objects and Picture Hierarchies for teaching, modelling and testing
  • Practical demonstrations of therapy-teaching and testing
  • Practical activities and resources to use in each therapy session
  • All goals broken down into micro teaching steps to ensure clear online step up and step down
  • Cueing Hierarchy for teaching, modelling and testing
  • Receptive Language Hierarchy for every individual goal
  • Expressive Language Hierarchy for every individual goal

What people are saying about the Preschool Language Accelerator

" I have known Emily for many years now, and was always inspired by the way she onboarded and mentored her speech pathologists. Emily's passion has always been in the area of Preschool Language. I was aware of the amazing preschool language training program that she developed to use when onboarding her new team members. I was so excited when she decided to share it with the greater speech community!

With all of the challenges to student's learning at University over the past couple of years as a result of COVID, the timing of this program could not be better.

We roll it out with all of our early career team members. It is a structured beautifully, addresses all areas that are important, including time management, learning styles, development of clinical reasoning and the list goes on. The additional support that is provided through the Facebook group is invaluable.

I highly recommend this program for any Speechies,clinic owners and professionals.  It is comprehensive, systemised, visually pleasing, jam packed full of resources, worksheets, information sheets, and user friendly. It's one less thing to worry about when onboarding new team members, as it addresses all the areas required when needing to train a speech pathologist about preschool language. My rating, ten out of ten!



  • Grammar eg. regular plurals, irregular past tense
  • Quantity eg. empty / full, one/ some/ all
  • Spatial eg. In/ outs, front / back, above/ below
  • Descriptives eg. Same/different, hot/cold, fast/ slow
  • Following instructions eg. Either / or, before/ after
  • ‘Wh’ Questions eg. Where, when, who, why and more


  • Scripts for talking to parents
  • Practical connection to functional goals to highlight importance
  • Age of Acquisition
  • Pre-requisite skills required to reach each goal
  • Therapy phase one: teaching and modelling
  • Therapy phase two: testing
  • Complete Receptive and Expressive Language Hierarchies
  • Generalisation
  • Complete preschool language goal hierarchy from 2-6 years
  • Transcriptions of each training
  • Intentionally designed note taking worksheets. By the end of the course the student will have their own preschool language therapy book
  • Visual teaching hierarchies
  • Plural + past tense verbs word lists
  • Complete grammar teaching table
  • Sign handouts
  • Therapy model visual
  • Individual learning portal for each student
  • Post online quiz to implement learnings
  • Employer access to track your employee's progress


  • Every student obtains their own personalised login
  • This enables you to track their individual progress and view their answers to quizzes


  • The PLA is on a platform called "Kajabi"
  • Download the app, login and continue to learn anywhere. Perfect for mobile speechies or multiple site practices

100% Money Back Guaranteed & No lock in contract

What if this doesn't work for me? What if it's not what I wanted? What if it's not what I expected?

If after 7 days of buying the program, you know it's not for you we'll hand you back your money back.

No lock in contract, cancel at any time*.

See what other's who are in the PLA have said:


Meet Monica!

She's currently undertaking the Preschool Language Accelerator. 

Hear what she has to say!


Monica, Speech Pathologist


"This program has taught me so much! At Uni, we learn bits and pieces, we never understood when to start and when to end, and what sequence to follow. With Preschool Language Accelerator, I was finally able to find that structure and sequence. The second I got that structure, I was able to get success in less than three weeks!"

Meet Paige!

She's currently undertaking the Preschool Language Accelerator. 

Hear what she has to say!

Paige, University Student


"One thing that I really love is being able to fill the gap. Preschool language is such a huge area and a lot of  the course in the university aren't able to cover it in details. Being able to be competent in this area and understand this and eventually feeling confident in it is something really important.  "

Start providing stimulating opportunities for your child to learn every single day.

You Will Also Receive...

✨ The exact system, hierarchy and methods that I have used to train countless speechies and students that have come and work for me who are now very successful speechies.

✨The skills you need to take a child that has a severe receptive and expressive language diagnosis and give them therapy long-term.

✨ 40+ videos on every single preschool language concept. Yes, that's 40+ training, teachings and concepts to equip you fully to teach a child!

✨ An inventory of quizzes, handouts and downloadable PDFs that you can use during your career and also to take all these information to your future employer along with your resume when applying for a job to help you stand out.
✨Bonus trainings with Physiotherapist, Occupational therapists, Feeding therapists, Exercise Physiologists and more.

✨ And so much more...

All these + more bonuses valued at over $1296 AUD

Meet your mentor

Emily Mackie

Successful Pathologist & Mentor, Founder of Speak About Speech Pathology Clinics and Successful Speechie Academy 

 Since graduating from the University of Sydney almost 15 years ago, my mission has been to equip the next generation of Australian children. I am passionate about seeing children's lives transformed, as their communication and learning difficulties dissolve, with the appropriate intervention.

I have helped thousands of children in private practices, community health centres, hospitals, preschools and schools.

However, I have always felt that my hands have been tied, only being able to help a limited number of children at any given time. I was also frustrated by the national shortage of speech therapy services available to children. I have experienced the negative effect of this personally in my clinics and the media is constantly reporting parents who are crying out for help with their child.

In January 2021, I decided no more children should be left behind without intervention options readily available and stepped into online mentoring, training and services.

I founded The Successful Speechie Academy; to serve speech pathologists, educators, care serivces and allied health professionals. 

The Successful Speechie Academy is Australia's first professional development academy for upskilling in preschool language therapy to help children diagnosed with language delays and disorders aged 2-6years. I have trained thousands of speech therapists globally over the past 2 years with my online program and in 2023 will be launching a new professional development course for educators, care services and allied health professionals.

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  • Learn the HOW
  • Know the WHY
  • Do the PROCESS
  • Explain the WHAT
  • Achieve success with your preschool language therapy sessions
  • See the transformation with your children in your care everyday
  • No lock in contract*

Join Annually

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  • Unlimited access to all videos, resources and handouts
  • Learn the HOW
  • Know the WHY
  • Do the PROCESS
  • Explain the WHAT
  • Achieve success with your preschool language therapy sessions
  • See the transformation with your children in your care everyday 
  • 2 months FREE
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Holly Graham-Hayes, 27

Speechie at Speak About Speech Pathology

"Being mentored by Emily has given me so much confidence as a clinician. She has taught me to have structure, direction during therapy and specific step ups and step downs while keeping the big picture in mind. Emily has provided endless learning opportunities in a variety of settings to further develop my clinical skills and she continuously support my goals as a clinician."

Jaspreet Kaur, 23

Speech Pathologist

"My first job after graduation was with Emily and I have felt so supported with my learning and growth as a clinician. I have seen such an improvement in my confidence in interacting with clients and parents and my understanding and knowledge with early age and preschool language kids. Mentoring with Emily has always felt very calm and relaxed and I did not feel pressured or rushed, which was so important as a new graduate especially!"

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$499 AUD

One-time Payment

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  • Weekly mentoring videos by Emily Mackie
  • Access to Emily Mackie for all your speechie-related questions
  • Community and support from other speechies in university and experienced speech therapists
  • Downloadable handouts, exercises and quizzes
  • 1-year access to all the above
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  • Save $500 AUD from the regular price of $999
  • Weekly mentoring videos by Emily Mackie
  • Access to Emily Mackie for all your speechie-related questions
  • Community and support from other speechies in university and experienced speech therapists
  • Downloadable handouts, exercises and quizzes
  • 1-year access to all the above
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